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We're a honey distributor that produces delicious raw honey.

Our honey comes straight from the hive to you. There’s a reason why so many suppliers and families prefer our raw honey, and it comes down to our homegrown extraction and bottling methods that preserve as much of our honey’s natural goodness as possible!

Honey Distributor in Linden, North Carolina

We are a honey distributor that runs a family farm in Linden, North Carolina. Just a few years ago, we started our honeybee farm with only two hives. Today, we have over 30 hives that produce our sweet, delicious raw honey, and we are excited to continually grow and serve more customers every year.

As honey distributors, we offer wholesale honey to area retailers. We’re happy to work with you to come up with an effective distribution agreement, so you can offer our top-quality honey to your customers. Our unique, beautiful farm-style package and premium goodness will be a welcome change from that other stuff, which is over-sweetened and mass-produced.

Jim Hartman, our founder and a disabled Army veteran, cares for our honeybees on our 22-acre family farm. Our honeybees are tucked away in a field of clover, wildflowers, fruit and nut trees, where they have plenty of pollen to collect and use to create our delicious raw honey.

Never overheated or over-filtered, our honey comes to you in the most natural state possible. For more information about purchasing honey from a honey distributor or to learn more about our local honeybee farm, get in touch with us today.