Host a Beehive, Linden, NC

Support our dwindling honeybee population by hosting a beehive.

It’s tough to keep all of our hives functioning and alive at Secret Garden Bees®, and every year, we lose a large percentage of our hives. It can be disheartening to lose bees because these creatures are essential to maintaining the health of our food supply. In fact, about one-third of the foods we eat depend on bee pollination. And although native bees do a lot of this work, it’s the honeybees that do the majority of pollination for agricultural crops.

Host a Beehive in Linden, North Carolina

In managed beehive colonies like ours, there are many reasons why these losses are so significant, and they range from pesticides and parasites to loss of forage and colony collapse disorder. To combat this ongoing problem, we’ve adopted a new host a beehive program, and we’re excited to have you participate.

If you live within a reasonable travel distance to the Linden, North Carolina area, you can host a beehive on your property for a fee. And when we say anyone who wants to host a beehive can host one, we mean it. Whether you’re a farmer or agricultural producer who wants the pollination benefits, a community group, school, church, college, homeowner, charity, business, or not-for-profit organization, you can host your very own beehive on your property.

We’ll do all the upkeep, maintenance, and harvesting. You can think of hosting a beehive as playing host to lots of grateful pollinators that will help out your local area! If you’re interested in hosting a hive, get in touch. We’ll want to learn a bit about your hosting environment and your long-term vision for hosting a hive.