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Buy wholesale honey from our family farm.

People want quality, raw honey– none of that fake stuff. If your store is looking for an alternative to overproduced, overprocessed, and over-sweetened honey that hardly resembles what a beehive would naturally produce, we’d love for you to stock our honey. At Secret Garden Bees®, we’ve set out to change the way people buy and use raw honey, which is why we decided to become a quality wholesale honey supplier. Although our honeybee farm is located in Linden, North Carolina, we are expanding our wholesale honey offerings to retailers in the region and throughout the state.

Wholesale Honey in Linden, North Carolina

What makes our wholesale honey stand apart? For starters, our honeybee farm is nestled in a secret garden among fruit and nut trees, as well as fields of wildflowers and clovers. This gives our honeybees natural sources to collect pollen from, and this is what makes our honey taste so natural and delicious. We also take special care to preserve the natural goodness in our wholesale honey by never overheating or over-filtering it during the harvesting process.

We are a veteran-owned company committed to providing a quality product. Our owner, founder, and beekeeper, Jim Hartman, is a disabled Army veteran who decided to put his family farm to good use after leaving the armed forces. Together with his family, he diligently cares for the bees in our honeybee farm, producing the wholesale honey so many have come to love.

As a veteran- and family-owned business, we know your customers will be excited to try our honey. To place an order or learn about our wholesale pricing, please call or email us today!

Wholesale Honey in North Carolina