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We produce premium-quality raw honey on our hidden family farm.

The beautiful 22 acres of farmland owned by the Hartman family in Linden, North Carolina is where you’ll find dozens of beehives swarming with industrious honeybees in a field of wildflowers and clover. At Secret Garden Bees®, we proudly produce raw honey on our family farm, and our owner and founder, Jim Hartman, cares for our honeybees day in and day out, all year long.

About Secret Garden Bees®, Linden, NC

After leaving his role in the Army as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer, Jim decided to put his land to good use and do something he was passionate about: becoming a full-time farmer and beekeeper. Our bees use the pollen and nectar produced by nearby wildflowers, fruit trees, nut trees, and berries growing on our farm to produce delicious raw honey with a dose of local goodness.

Our honeybee farm has grown substantially in just a few years. We started with just two hives, and today, we have more than 30. Wholesalers and suppliers prefer our raw honey because we never overheat it, and we filter it just enough to remove debris but keep the honey as pure as possible. Our unique glass jars also help – they help keep your honey fresh and full of natural benefits (and they are great to repurpose when you’re finished).

We are excited to watch our honeybees produce delicious honey that people can’t get enough of. And we’re thrilled to welcome you to our farm! For more information about our honey farm, or to place an order for raw honey, please contact us today.